Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Patterns to be published soon!

Finally.. I will be publishing new patterns! The fingerless gloves are being forwarded to a few friends for testing. The 2- pointed baby hat will be soon to follow as well as the "Lacy Scarf". I'll also be selling hats, gloves etc. this Holiday Season - watch my blog to find out where and when!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Maire Treanor's skillful hands helping me with my crazy "hippie" Irish Lace

Clones Irish Lace with Maire Treanor

This past July I had a wonderful opportunity to meet and take a workshop with,
Maire Treanor, an amazing Irish Lace crocheter. She has been documenting and preserving this exquisite delicate crochet craft. The class was filled a great group of intrepid crocheters who weren't afraid of those little tiny sized crochet hooks and skinny thread. Talk about patience!!! I found Maire to be a very kind and encouraging teacher. Her vast knowledge was not only of the stitches ( including the famous clones knot) but also the history and economics of the "Lace Industry" in Ireland.