Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Magic Garden Skirt

  I have been enthralled with Irish crochet motifs for a few years. Recently I also became aware of the Russian version of "Crochet Lace".
 In August I began to make a skirt. The impetus was to be able to enter it into the fashion show at the Knit/Crochet conference in Reno September 2012.
 I was a little unrealistic about the timeline for completing it- but non-stop crocheting and many late nights helped me get it done by the deadline. I figure it took me roughly just over a month to do.
   Honestly - I am quite pleased with the results. There were definitely some scary moments where I was afraid I would NOT get it done - or it would turn out weird and funky!!!
  My beautiful daughter "Alexis" is modeling it for me- though it looks ok on me too.