Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clara in the Flower Vest

I took advantage of having my lovely model, Clara, here in the USA this August.
She was visiting from Paris -
Modeling a "Flower Vest" I made for myself. 

PS. dear friends - No pattern for this right now. Most of the things I make up as I go along. I'm working on my pattern - writing skills. Onward and upward - some day i hope to publish
a sweet little book with all my crazy ideas and creations - with patterns!!!


  1. Ooh - beautiful vest!! You have such a great eye for color!

  2. Would love to buy a pattern for this one. It's gorgeous. Shoot me an email if you decide to sell? Thank you!

  3. this is also bigger than a hat! Your work inspires me every time I see it, no matter what size!

  4. just fantastic ....... I would love to purchase this pattern

  5. Exquisite!!! Do you have a pattern for this yet?