Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be Sweet Yarns

A Be Sweet yarn employee!
 Sausalito, California is not only home to the yarn store I work at, Bluebird Yarn.  It is also the headquarters of Be Sweet Yarn company. Be Sweet is actually a short 2 blocks away from the Bluebird Yarn storefront! Be Sweet produces  some very beautiful and exotic yarns and it does it this in a manner that is socially conscious and global in scope.( go to their website and read more - it's impressive and heart warming!)
Sophie at Bluebird always has a good stock of Be Sweet yarns and has created some designs specifically for some of Be Sweet's yarns - most notably her T-shirt bucket bag

The  "Flower Pouch Market Bag"was re- written by me for Bluebird's customers from  an old pattern which was no longer available. Last year Sophie crocheted it using Be Sweet's Taffy and Bambino yarns. It turned out fantastic! She took it to  the TNNA 2011 conference where it was a huge hit.  Be Sweet asked me to make up one for them. I re- wrote the pattern once again specifically for Be Sweet's Taffy and Bambino yarns. (see the right hand side panel of my blog for the photo and link to the pattern)

Be Sweet yarns being made.

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